Garbage Disposal repair

DK Appliance Repair offers you a high quality work on many brands of residential and commercial garbage disposals:

Caution: Homeowners should not pursue any disposal repairs on his own, unless he is a licensed and experienced technician. Working with electricity and mechanical issues that you are not familiar with can be very dangerous and costly. The information posted on our website is strictly for educational purpose and will help you to become more familiar with your disposal while also using them in the most efficient way. For professional assistance for your disposal repair related matters, call us at (805)205-0094.


Garbage Disposal Symptom

Water won't flow through drain

Garbage Disposal Probable Cause

  • Line clogged
  • Insufficient slope on drain line
  • Insufficient flow of water during grinding
  • Impeller and/or cutting ring worn, not grinding food sufficiently

Garbage Disposal Remedy / Solution

  • Clean and check always clean line before installing new disposer
  • Check before installation should be at least 1 inch per 4 feet
  • Open faucet to allow more to flow when using disposer; remove and clean faucet aerate Inspect and replace if necessary

Garbage Disposal Symptom

Motor won't reverse (on models with reversible motor)

Garbage Disposal Probable Cause

  • Defective reversing switch (manual reversing types)
  • Defective transfer switch (automatic reversing type)

Garbage Disposal Remedy / Solution

Test switch for continuity wit VOM, replace if open Switch is located by motor shaft, in conjunction with centrifugal starting switch. T4 with VOM, inspect visually.

Garbage Disposal Symptom

Noisy operation

Garbage Disposal Probable Cause

  • Foreign object in hopper Defective bearings
  • Loose impeller

Garbage Disposal Remedy / Solution

Remove object Inspect and replace as necessary Inspect and tighten.

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For professional disposal repair help call us at: (805)205-0094

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