BBQ Repair

DK Appliance Repair offers you a high quality work on many brands of BBQs:

  • Dynasty BBQ Repair
  • Wolf BBQ Repair
  • Thermador BBQ Repair
  • Jenn-Air BBQ Repair

Unfortunately barbeques do deteriorate over time. Things just don't work like they used to when new. Knobs, Ignitions, Burners etc. We stock a large supply of parts, and our technicians can replace parts or repair most brands of barbeques.

BBQ repair tips:

To keep your barbeque clean in the outside elements it is strongly recommended that you invest in a cover for the barbeque to protect it from dust, moisture and rust.
Keep gas cylinders off the ground to prevent rusting. Comply with federal and state regulations governing the use and storage of propane cylinders.

Here are some safety tips when using a propane or natural gas barbecue to help you have a safe and happy summer:

  • Keep the barbecue a sufficient distance from all combustible material,
  • Refrain from leaving the barbecue unattended,
  • Keep the barbecue in a reasonable state of repair; this includes:
    • Inspect propane tank for dents, gouges, corrosion, or evidence of extreme rusting.
    • Inspect the barbecue burners for rust or damage and replace if required.
    • Check the tubes underneath the barbecue and replace if cracks or damage is evident.

The Best Way to Clean a Barbeque Grill

Grilling is a lot more fun than cooking on a stove, and the food is often much better, but among the drawbacks is the necessity to keep the grates clean. Unlike an oven, there's no self-cleaning system on a standard charcoal grill, and if you let this particular chore go undone for more than one or two meals, you'll find yourself eating the burnt remnants of last week's dinner. Get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning the grate after each grilling, and priming it so future cleaning is easier.

Get Rid of the Solids

After you take dinner off the grill, set the grate as close to the coals as your grill design allows. Let it bake like that while you eat. After dinner, use a heavy wire grill brush to scrape off as much burnt food and debris from the slats as you can. Flip them over and scrape the underside as well. The material should come off somewhat easily from the burning. Set the grate back on the grill. Close the grill lid but open the vents, so the coals will burn down completely. Let the coals burn down overnight.

Wash the Slats and Grill

In the morning, remove the grate and set it in a tub of hot water with heavy-duty dish soap. While it's soaking, empty out the ashes from the grill and wipe it out with a dry rag. Return to the grate in the tub, using steel wool to thoroughly clean it. Make sure to get both sides of the grate and between the slats. Pat it dry with a towel.

Prime the Grate

Spray the grate lightly with vegetable oil in a spray bottle, coating both sides of the slats. Set the grate back in place on the grill. Close the grill lid and the vents, and leave it there until the next time you grill. When you next grill, arrange and light the coals as usual. The vegetable oil will prime the metal on the grate as it heats up, making it easier to clean it off next time.

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